Charles And Lavina Williams

Clark Williams Genealogy

6. Matthew CLARK ( Gabriel 1, William 2, John 3, John O 4, William 5)b.June 1758 Wibraham,Hamden,MA d. 20 Oct 1839,Westen,
Oneida, NY buried. Evergreen Cemetery, Route 69, Lee, N.Y.
Revolutionary war pension, Oneida Co. 1818
.....+ m.Nancy WRIGHT b 1762.

..........7 Ezekial CLARK, b. 29 Nov 1780, Springfield, Hamden, Massachusetts; d. 29 Sep 1839, North Steuben Cemetery, Steuben, Oneida County, NY. buried Evergreen Cemetery

..........7Ezra CLARK, b. 1783.    
..........7Margaret CLARK, b. 1788.    


Matthew was living in Belchertown, Hampshire, Massachusetts at the time of his
enlistment to serve 3 years in the Revolutionary War. He fought at Fort Miles,
Saratoga, Monmouth and Valley Forge. He received a pension for his service in
1818, while a resident of Oneida.
The records submitted to the LDS church by members states that the Clark family
came from Ballyruff,Colrain, Londonderry, Ireland.
When and where he met and married his wife is not known at this time, or where
children were born.
His will of Oneida County, Volume 6, pages 221-222, was written on the 5th of
February 1838, and presented in court on 23 December 1839, 2 months after his
The death of his wife, Nancy, was after the 5th of February 1838, as she is named in
Mathews will. The rest of his will, though difficult to read, gave furniture and
personal items to his daughters. Their husbands were named as executors. He also
mentions two grandsons, Ezekiel Clark and Ezra Van Dusor. This Ezra must have
belonged to one of his daughters not named in the will, but possibly passed away
The son Ezikiel was not named, but I feel the property of Matthew had been
transferred to Ezkial before Matthews death and there was no need to name him.
After researching the other Clarks in the county, Matthew was the only one that fit
as the father of Ezekial. Other Clark wills or land dealings proved that Ezkial did not
belong to any of them. This left Matthew was the greatest possibility as his father.
Also the fact they lived in the town of Western and until Ezkial's sons became adults,
there were the only Clarks in that town. The other families of Clarks seemed to settle
in family groups in the other towns.